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Bassist - Composer - Producer

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Sahara (C.Zanghieri)

“Envisions”, Jazzsick Records, 2008 (DE)

Claudio Zanghieri: Basses, add. Keyboards and programming

Tony Lakatos: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

Christian Lohr: Piano, Hammond Organ and Keyboards 

Cristiano Micalizzi: Drums

Jazzthetik March 2008: CD of the Month

"Dem Wahl-Frankfurter merkt man seine Liebe für elektronische beats und ausgefuchste grooves an, ebenso wie seine Affinität zu jazziger improvisation. Geschmackvoll und ohne frickel Faktor, groovt und soliert Zanghieri über die erstklassig klingenden Songs."

Bass Professor - Lars Lehmann

“I’ve been hearing mention of Claudio for some time now online in various bass related forums and networking sites. I was pretty excited to receive the new album and get to listening!  First, it’s a wonderful looking CD.  Top notch design and the playing is great!. Musicality and composition seems to be the goal here. The writing is solid, very well done and the band sounds great.  Claudio never tries to stand out at the expense of the song, which I love to hear.  I applaud Claudio’s musical maturity and look forward to hearing more from him in years to come.”

Damian Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine

M.C.M. “Two+Two”, Philology Records, 2010 (ITA)

Marco Pacassoni: Vibraphone 

Michael Vochezer: Guitars and Arranging

CZ: Basses, Arranging and Production

Arno Haselsteiner: Drums

Undercurrents (C.Zanghieri)


First live and studio experiences in Rome (Italy).

In 2000 he moved to Frankfurt (Germany), maintaining a work schedule in both countries, busy mainly as a bassist and as a producer, sound designer, composer and arranger.

In Italy he worked with: Simone Cristicchi, Marco Morandi, Marina Rei, Tony Bungaro, Fabio Mariani, Louis Bacalov, Kevin Harris, Toto Torquati, Stefano Sastro, Cristiano Micalizzi, Fabio Mariani, Pino Jodice, Marco Pacassoni, Pasquale Strizzi, Luigi Tessarollo, Davide Boato, Marcello Alulli e Daniele Tittarelli, Paolo Porta and many others.

In Germany he worked with: Tony Lakatos, Torsten deWinkel, Christoph Spendel, Michael Sagmeister, Dave Pike, Christian Lohr, Ralph Gustke, Bruno Müller, Marco Minnemann, Claus Hessler, Russ Spiegel and many others.

He participated in many Festivals like: Umbria Jazz Festival, Jazz&Image in Rome, Jazz um Dritten and MainUfer Fest in Frankfurt, Köln Arena and Kölle Live, Köln Philharmonie und Opera, Leverkusener Jazztage, Fringe Festival (Edinburgh), World expo 2002 and others.

Active also in education, follow the link for the most recent activities.

Selected Discography

Christoph Spendel “ Harlem Nocturne” for Blue Flame Records (DE)

Christoph Spendel: Piano, Kbds

CZ: El. Bass; Kurt Bilker: Drums

Christoph Spendel “Summer Notice” for Blue Flame Records (DE)

Christoph Spendel: Piano, Kbds

CZ: El. Bass; Andreas Neubauer: Drums

Thomas Langer “Where is one?” for TomLong Productions (DE)

Thomas Langer: Guitar; CZ: El. Bass; Joo Krauss: Trumpet; 

Jurgen Wüst: Piano, Kbds; Dieter Steinmann, Claus Hessler: Drums; and….

Lenny McDowell Band “Live” for Blue Flame Records (DE)

Lenny McDowell: Flute; CZ: El. Bass; Peter Oehler: Guitar; 

Christoph Spendel: Kbds; Helmut Kipp: Drums; 

Live at Bix Club, Stuttgart

Fabio Mariani “Nadi” for UM Records (ITA)

Fabio Mariani: Guitar; CZ: El. Bass; 

Stefano Sastro, Pino Jodice: Piano, Kbds

Davide Pettirossi, Danny Gottlieb: Drums and others…


Fremble  “Fremble” for Konnex Records (DE)

Berthold Möller: Drums; CZ: El. Bass; Frank Schubert: Alto Sax

LeGran Project  “Dellbrück Concert” for DellJazz Productions (DE)

Annette Banneville: Vocals; Christian Cluxen: Piano; CZ: El. Bass and…

Selected Tracks for:

Jeff Beck Compilation “The Loner Vol.2” ESC Records (DE)

Marco Iacobini: Guitar; Stefano Sastro: Kbds

CZ: El. Bass; Thomas Langer: Drums

The Pump (S.Philipps)

Marleaux 15th Anniversary CD “Experiment” 

composed and produced by CZ at BE59 Studios

Experiment (C.Zanghieri)

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