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-11th, Jazzkeller Hanau, sneak preview of a new Band!…..

    Christoph Spendel Group!!

    New drummer, new saxophonist, new material, it’s exciting!

    24th, Jazzkeller Frankfurt

-17th, Max Antonietti Trio, Gatsby Cafe, Rome

-26th, Christmas Jazz Trio with Orchestra, Marienkirche, Off. 

-31st, Frankfurt Musikhochschule, Jazz Fest with the CSG!!

24th, Semester Exams in the RPJam Akademie!

1st-4th April Musik Messe 2020 -…Cancelled…

Short film “Chance” music composed and produced

25th, Wetzlar Festival with the CSG  -…Cancelled…

26th, Gelnhausen with CSG  -…Cancelled…

Recording Videos for my YTube channel, like a movie star!!

Researching my hard drives, looking for old footage to share!

9th-10th Jazzkeller Ffm with CSG  -…Cancelled…

20th, BASSDAY at RPJam in Giessen

27th Jazzkeller Ffm. streaming concert with CSG

29th Tennisclub OTC, Off., with CSG….Cancelled

6th-19th Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy…. Cancelled

27th, Q&A Session online live from RPJam in Giessen

The CSG is now on hold, due to too many schedule conflicts….

7th, RPJam new academic year - 2020/2021

25th-27th, Tiefgang 2020, Marleaux Bass Camp Cancelled!!

In Rome some projects are warming up!

8th, Christmast Jazz Trio Frankfurt cancelled!! 

12th-13th, Jazzkeller Ffm with CJT will be streaming

20th, Jazzkeller Hanau with CJT …..

Home studio pimped, online lessons, video recording and streaming organised! missing pop corn though….

my CD Envisions is available at Bandcamp!

Not flying over Europe at all….. 

but I will be teaching at the RPJam Akademie online as well as privately!

and preparing projects for the future in Germany and Italy!

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is the production company where he writes and publishes his studio works. 

A growing part of his working life, full with today’s sounds, sensations and vibrations.

These fun, test videos are made possible through the collaboration of my good friend Marco Ramazzotto, the Bass Department manager at Session Frankfurt! 

NOTICE: these videos are in german, with some italian moments…..

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