Past Projects
Thomas Langer: I have played with him for 6 years and recorded his 3rd CD "Where is one?", with Joo Kraus (Tpt) as special guest. Through this band I met with many fine musicians, like Ralf Gustke, Dieter Steinmann, Claus Hessler, Carola Grey, Tony Lakatos, Harry Petersen, Daniel Messina, Peter Lehel, Jürgen Kohler, Jürgen Woost, etc.
Here's a review of the band live:
"Hört man die Musik, beginnt der Film im Kopf zu laufen. Claudio Zanghieri lässt den Bass gemütlich grummeln, Vögel zwitschern, Klanghölzer entführen in eine ferne Welt, Trommeltöne zirkulieren im Ohr.
Thomas Langer krault bei »Die Ruhe mit ins Bett« Töne aus der Gitarre, als räkele sich jemand schläfrig in den Kissen. Die Musik, die »Langer« liefern, ist solide."

An improvisational trio with Frank Paul Schubert on saxophones and Berthold Möller on drums. Original songs and experiments with sounds, computer and a lot of fun in trying different solutions. We recorded the cd "Fremble" in 2007, released on Konnex Records.
-Fabio Mariani Group:
F.Mariani-Nadi I recorded his last CD "Nadi" in 2003, we recorded live and some tracks are first take! (my solo for instance...). A very nice and large band (Drums, Percussions, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Fabio, an excellent jazz guitar player) with marvellous compositions.
We played in 2003-4 all around Italy, including the
Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival in 2003. We had a great time with the guys in the band, that made up for some situations we encountered in wild Italy; the playing was superb, very song oriented, the ensemble work amazing!
The musicians that gravitated in the live band:
Drums: Davide Pettirossi (on the CD), Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Amedeo Ariano, Keyboards: Stefano Sastro (on the CD), Piano: Pino Iodice (on the CD), Percussion: Raul Scebba; Rhythm Guitar: Giovanni DiCaprio
UMRC 0103 © 2003 Produced by Fabio Mariani
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Claudio Zanghieri and Stefano Sastro
MIXED by Fulvio Politi, Gigi Bisogno, Fabio Mariani, Stefano Sastro and Claudio Zanghieri at Stemma Studio, Rome in January and February 2003. Mastered at Fullhit Music Network, Rome.

"Il 28 Giugno 2003 il Festival Jazz di Villa Celimontana in Roma ha presentato il Fabio Mariani Group
Ho assistito personalmente alla serata apprezzando l'alta professionalità degli artisti. L'atmosfera era quella giusta: ottima acustica, scenario perfetto, pubblico attento, calde serate romane e soprattutto musicisti di prim'ordine.
......è stato presentato il nuovo progetto del Fabio Mariani Group "Nadi" pubblicato ad Aprile nel quale la chitarra del Mariani ha voce propria, grande inventiva, eleganza e grande capacità emotiva. La band formata da musicisti di ottimo spessore (Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Raul Scebba, Claudio Zanghieri, Stefano Sastro), con il Mariani, riesce nel suo intento e crea un interplay di grande suggestione. Beh!!! Vi assicuro che non dimenticherò facilmente le emozioni di quest'incredibile cocktail."
The Sled Dogs The Sled Dogs
Out of a jam one night in Perugia, back in 1993 (time of the photo!), came this band that has repeatedly played at the Umbria Jazz Festival over the years.
We explored the roots of Funk, Blues and Jazz in the all original compositions of the repertoire. High energy and interplay are the main ingredients of this band and their shows. we might be doing some random gigs in the future......
With Cristiano Micalizzi on drums, Jim Kelly on guitar and Jim Odgren on alto.
Italian Classics in Jazz
Italian Classics in jazz
One of the most known repertoire world-wide, Italian Songs, and a jazz-guitar trio are the two forces behind this project. With my two very good friends Luigi Tessarollo on guitar and Benno Sattler on drums. A continuation of this project is not excluded!
St. Stephan Jugend Choir
An average of 80 singers from a choir in Köln, directed by Michael Kokott. They sing from Classic, Gospel to Pop and Rock songs. Regular guests at the Köln Tanzbrunnen and Philarmonie, we also played for Bill Clinton, the World Expo 2000 in Hannover, Kölle Live, the Köln Arena and for the WorldCup's event in 2006, among many other important events.
Some of the musicians I had the honour to share the stage with:
Christian Cluxen: Pianist and arranger
Alfonso Garrido (Stefan Raab show), Guido Jöris and Antoine Fillon (Harald Schmidt show) on Drums
Bruno Müller (Mezzoforte, Till Bronner) and Alex Olivari on guitars
Heiner Wiberny (WDR Big Band) on Alto and Soprano
Klaus Osterloh (WDR Big Band) on Trumpet and many others.....

-Rome Alta Moda 2004: I partecipated with a hardcore electronica track of mine for the designer Fortunato Benevoli, he ended up winning the contest, for his clothes of course....The band was me on bass, Stefano Sastro on keyboards, Amedeo Ariano on drums, Franco Vinci on guitar and Giovanni Imparato on percussion!

-Interno 21: a collaboration between songwriters and musicians, to find a way between the well-known italian pop sound and the new tendencies in the world. 2 singles made
it to the charts.
Francesco Fiumara did write some very nice tunes, sort of Steely Danish in italian with funny, witty lirics. Alessandro Clementoni was in charge of the programming and guitar, me on bass and Mimmo Antonini was on drums. We arranged and produced together, a fun experience.

-Simone Patrizi: a young sensation from San Remo Festival 2002 (3rd in the Young Talent category). This 18-year old singer from Rome was storming the scene...
-Muflo-Funk Orchestra: Wild 5tet (Ten, Alto, Guit, Bass, Drums) that explored the encounter of Funk and Jazz with a twist in it, strange ryhthms, efx's, groove and free sections were all part of this band's sound. It featured Armando Sciommeri on drums, Marcello Alulli on tenor and efxs, Daniele Tittarelli on alto, various guitarists and me on bass and always more efxs...
-Handala: A world beat group with eastern musicians. My introduction to world music.
-Jho Jenkins and the Jammers: the funkiest 6 piece band in Rome in the early 90s! He
was a great singer and entertainer (I'll always remember him dearly). This is where I first honed my bass chops. We played everywhere, in all kinds of places. It was before the Salsa craze....