Here the black out begins.....lots to do with the family less done with the site....
I'll try to come back here and reconstruct what has happened!

August 2011:
Sun28th: Main Uferfest with Gernot Dechert band at the Jazzgarten. Scheduled time tba!
Back teaching on the 9th, Year number 4! Some new things and ideas, a revisited and adapted program!

July 2011:
Umbria Jazz from the 4th until the 17th: back in Perugia, assisting for the Berklee clinics together with Oscar Stagnaro, and playing deep in the night...

June 2011:
Last 3 weeks of teaching, kids will be performing either their final concert or their own compositions and bringing their finished CD production. Then I'll have to listen to them all!
Then is Perugia on the 4th of July! Looking forward to see again lots of friends and have a great time!

May 2011:
Full month,this one!
Super, duper update/upgrade for my studio, hardware and software! Going very slowly and carefully though!
I'll be in mega shape to finish the pre-production for my next CD!! Making plans and deadlines(ouch!) but it has to happen this year!
Recording for Christoph Spendel, his next production in Trio with Kurt Bilker!..maybe I manage to sneak in some Acoustic?...
Wed18, Sat21 and Wed25: Graduating Class and Open Day at the RPJam in Giessen.
Mon16: In Offenbach with Spendel, Lakatos and Hochstädter; some heavvy jazz there! Beautiful musicians!
Fri13: Played with Gernot Dechert and his band. Nice groovy instrumental set list.


April 2011:
After relocating to a new apartment, I am busy re-building and re-shaping my workplace. The new Studio BE59 is taking form!
MusikMesse again with RPJam, I'll be at the Bus in the Agora Square.
Thu7: Playing at the Bett Club with a new project: M.C.M. It'll be a double concert with Ali Neander going first at 8.30pm and us hitting at 10pm.

March 2010:
Workshop time, tba
a trip to the Usa, to visit old friends...tba
MusikMesse is coming up, from 14th until 27th. I'll be there with RPJam and their bus, working our conncetions for a Performance in the Agora stage....

February 2010
I should manage to finish the preproduction for my new CD....keep fingers crossed...

January 2010
Plans for the year, car repairs, snow storm, family, etc...this january wants to be remembered...


December 2009:
Sat5 and Mon7 The Christmas Jazz Trio with Jens Biehl on drums this year. Setup has changed but the music flows, some very nice shows.

November 2009:
pretty quiet, not by choice....
I started a series of Bass Intensive Classes in Ffm, in my studio. The day covers all aspects of bass playing and music, as much as possible.... Designed for Intermediate and Advanced players. It should be held regularly every 2 weeks in Frankfurt.

October 2009:
Mon5: Concert with Olaf Kübler and the Christoph Spendel Trio in Offenbach, at the Zo bar.
Sun11: RPJam workshop at the Musikhaus Schulte, in Wolfenbüttel.
Thu15: RPJam workshop at Music on stage, in Ulm.
Week of recording with the brothers Zapf in Dillenburg, a nex CD is coming!

September 2009:
: Workshop with Claus Hessler at MusiknMore in Gründau.
Week of teaching in Rome, it's nice to be able to organize something like this and make it work!

August 2009:
Mon3: Opening day at RPJam for its 2° year.

July 2009:
Sat4: "Triangle" played his first concert in Rome at the 28 Divino Club. Carlo Petruzzellis-guitar, Pasquale Strizzi-kbds, David LoCascio-drums and myself. An exciting new project!

Back in Perugia, again with Oscar Stagnaro, this year I was translating also for Mike Nicholls' Composition classes, nice!
As usual some amazing musicians came by and through Umbria jazz.
I had the chance to jam with singer Joey Blake, together with Pasquale Strizzi on Piano and others, that was something!
Some little teaching in Rome and Florence on my way back to Frankfurt.

June 2009:
Sat20: Workshop at the AMM in Pesaro: Creation of Basslines is the topic.
Jammed with the Zapf brothers, Patrick and Oliver. A new collaboration might be coming out of this.

May 2009:
Sat9: Open doors at the RPJAM, who needs more infos and wants to "touch" the academy....

April 2009:
Thu23 to Sun26: JazzaheadConference in Bremen. Edition #3, a dive into the business of european jazz! I will have some new material to present and some new contacts to make.....
Wed1 to Sat4: Musik Messe in Frankfurt.
Will be doing some playing for Mark Bass, tbc.
And again the white bus from RPJAM outside in the inner square. I will be doing daily presentations on what I do at the school, bass and theory.

March 2009:
Mon16 to Die 17: mixing the MCM CD with Florian at Realistic Sound studio, will be mastered by MSM in Munich, Yes!!

February 2009:
lots of planning for the coming year! Preparing my next CD, writing 2 books for RPJAM (Bass and Theory/Ear Training), taking care of the family....
Wed25 to Fri27: recording in Münich the 2nd half for the MCM project, again at Realistic Sound studio, with Florian Osterreicher: equals easy work! Mixing in March, released before the summer! soon on myspace. A short visit to Enja, my publisher, was long overdue!

January 2009:
Sat3: with POF Trio (me, Peter Fischer and Dirk Brand) at the Gitarren Festival in Remscheid
Thu15 to Sun18th: Namm show in LA, met some very interesting people, got to hang with Steve Lawson, Paolo Costa, Matt Garrison, etc. I met in person with Gerald Marleux, fine bass maker from germany....
Mon19 to Mon26: off to Boston, to the Bosse School of Music
where I had a recording workshop, a concert with Ron Bosse and some recording for him too.
Tue27 to Fri30: recording for DF Michael and workshop at the Guitar Centre in Kalamazoo, Michigan! very nice people and nice workshop, it was all -20°...a little too cold for me....


December 2008:
Sun 21st: the Gospel Choir at the Arena in Cologne.
Sat13 and Sun14th: Spendel's Christmas Jazz Trio, in Frankfurt's Jazzkeller and in Offenbach.

November 2008:
Again at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guilford, London, UK. Thanks to Stefan Redtenbacher who organized everything, this time I talked about improvising in bass lines. In London I had the chance to see again Michael Wolff and Steve Lawson.
Workshop tour with the RPJAM Band: me on bass, Peter Fischer on guitar and Dirk Brand on drums.

October 2008:
Sun 19th: European Bass Day
in Viersen. Organized by the nice folks of the Bass Professor magazine. I'll be presenting a solo show, mostly taken from my Bit-E stuff.

August 2008:
Mon4th: Official opening of the RPJAM school in Giessen, you'll find me there every tuesday, teaching Bass, Harmony and Ear Training.
Sat 30th: Köln with the Gospel Choir.

July 2008:
7th to 20th: Umbria Jazz Berklee Clinics in Perugia, this year also with Oscar Stagnaro for bass. I'll be doing some electronica/production/sound design workshops.

June 2008:

Still production work for Simone Coen, in Frankfurt and Milan.
Recording in Frankfurt for Thomas Brandt, cool music for a theater piece.
Sun22nd: Private Event, Rome

Mai 2008:
the new studio is "finished", I started more production work for Simone Coen and his Chocolate Audio company in Milan.
Tue 20th: Recording in Köln.
Thu 22nd: St Stephan Gospel Choir at the Köln Opera.

April 2008:
Tue 8th: RPJAM Bass Workshop in Frankfurt, Nachtleben.
10th and 11th: Mixing the session for MCM with Michael Wolff, in Königstein and London. He's the man!
17th to 20th
: Jazzahead conference, in Bremen. I have met new friends and colleagues, nice.
Meanwhile I am changing studio location.....not fun!
Sat 26th: Just For Funk, Frankfurt
Wed30th: Just For Funk, Höchst

March 2008:
: new project, Bit-E, at the Bett in Frankfurt. All electronica-jazz based, with some special guests from the MusikMesse, stay tuned! Thanks to all that showed up! the 1st show was a success, I am already working on the video part!
12th to 15th
: MusikMesse, there for the RPJAM school, in hall 4.2 stand F55 and on their Bus in the Agorá.
Tue18th: Bit-E again, this time at the Red Cat club in Mainz!

February 2008:
3rd to 6th: in Munich for recording with Pacassoni, Wochezer and Haselsteiner, at the Realistic Sound studio. Florian Osterreicher worked his magic! 6 tunes from this new project, stay tuned! A web page about it soon!
Friday 22nd: Official Release Date by Jazzsick Records, Düsseldorf. I am soooo happy! A Tour? the band is great, featuring Tony Lakatos or Steffen Weber, let's see what comes up.....
Fri 29th: RPJAM Bass Workshop in Giessen, Musikhaus Schönau.

January 2008:
a very interesting month!18th: Envisions is available on CD Baby! Please do go ahead and buy some for you and your friends! :-)
17th to 20th: The Namm Show in LA! I played for SIT strings (thanks Tim!) then hanged out together with Steve Lawson and Lobelia, much fun there as always; did some jamming at Modulus and saw a lot of friends: the guys at Mark Bass (Marco, Peter, Riccardo and Paolo Costa), the guys at Fodera (Matt and Janek), I have seen Oscar Cartaya after almost 15 years! reconnected with Andy Sanesi, schoolmate from back in the days and I met some of the greats: Gary Novak, Chris Chaney and best of all Lee Sklar! it was great! See you next year LA!
Then I flew to Weymouth (south of Boston) for a workshop on Music Technology and ensemble recording at the Bosse School of Music and then a visit to Berklee College of Music, so much has changed...of course.
I have met with some old friends, the "guys" at the Bass Dept. (R.Appleman, J.Repucci and Dave Clark); Dino, Renee (thanks for the help), Matt Nicholls (nice CD!), Gojko and Michael, Donna, Eleonora, etc. But most of all my really good friend Tino D'Agostino, it was great to see how good he is doing, I am proud!


In December:
Mon3rd: short visit to UM, it was good to see the faculty and feeling the schoolmoving forward through hard times....
Sun9th: Krefeld, Germany. Bass Day, unfortunately had to miss it!....a real shame....
some more playing with the C.Spendel Christmas Trio: Sat15 at Jazzkeller in Frankfurt, packed as usual and finally a receptive audience! and Mon17 at the ZO in Darmstadt.
Sat22nd: Köln Arena with the Gospel Choir, it's always a pleasure with some 8.000 people that listen.......
Christmas and new year's eve will be spent in Frankfurt. No crazy travelling and cues and airports, etc. etc....

In November:
Thu8 and Sat10: C.Spendel Electric Trio in Topos (Leverkusen) and Jazzkeller (Frankfurt).
14th to 20th: more work for the Chocolate audio company in Milan, with my friend S.Coen.
Fri30th: in Biberach for a concert and workshop with C.Spendel Electric Trio. The workshop was very nice, a crowd of 150 "youngsters" attended the 2 hour clinic and was very appreciative. The concert also was very good!

In October:
Trying to stay up to date with my website!...
Big break!!!!
my cd "Envisions" will be officially released by the label Jazzsick Records from Dusseldorf, they have a nice distribution and are very excited about my cd! The release date will be somewhere end of February 2008, along with a number of club concerts and festivals!
the Fremble CD is out, released by Konnex, in Berlin!
on the 29th I'll be in Munich, rehearsing for a new project with Marco Pacassoni on vibes , Michael wochezer on guitar and Arno Haselsteiner on Drums. It went so well that we are planning for next February a recording session for our cd. Another band, Yes! :-) Wed3: Open Air concert in Frankfurt with the C.Spendel Trio and special guests: DavePike on vibes and Michael Sagmeister on guitar. It's going to be funky!
Done!, weather aside, it was a great performance, nice crowd and beautiful bass sound, so was I told! what else?

In September:
I will start working on a new assignement as Bass Director for the Musik-Akademie Giessen, writing its curriculum! It's a great honor and a nice work, school will begin in March 2008.
Also on board as teachers are: Frieder Gottwald, Marius Goldhammer and Markus Setzer, not bad!
Thu20 to Fri23: in Varese, recording our first ideas with Ivan Ciccarelli, for our duo project! exciting..I used all my toys: basses, efxs, Ableton Live looping things back and forth, an external keyboard, etc...
Sat22: Meet Milano, the new italian trade show for music, There with Jacaranda and played with Ivan Ciccarelli at the Turkish stand. The jam was great! I saw a lot of friends and colleagues! a very short, 6 hours only, visit but valuable!

In August:
Oh well August in Rome!..could be beautiful but with 41° outside and no activities of any kind (for kids or adults..).
a slow come back to organization and work, a lot of planning, meetings, mails and phone calls....not all of them went through!
I managed though to meet with my teachers from UM,in Rome; and talked to vibist Marco Pacassoni about doing a project together...let's see.

In July:
3-15 Umbria Jazz Clinics and festival, this year with Oscar Stagnaro! again a nice edition, the bass students were very nice and engaged! Did a workshop on electronica and it was very well received! maybe I should look more into that!

And now ....VACATION!!!..... with my family on the beach! a new experience, haven't done one in 7 years more or less, just 1 book on composition and nothing else. It ended up being really cool, also without mobile and web connection, imagine that?

In June:
Sun3: Bass Professor Meeting in Köln, solo performance.
Tue5 to Mon11: trip to Rome
Wed13: C.Spendel-Stuttgart-Bix
Thu14: C.Spendel-Offenburg-Pianohaus Labianca
18th to 25th: CD Production for Christoph Spendel!
done in Frankfurt, at Drumtrax and Ffm2001 studios (that's right, my studio!).
My electric Upright from Jacaranda has arrived! what a beautiful instrument, now give me some practice time
and you'll soon hear it somehow, somewhere...
Thu28: 1 day jam-recording with Ivan Ciccarelli (drums) for our next duo project, live electronica Bass & Drums only!

In May:
Christoph Spendel is "warming up": some dates are arriving for May and June!
This is the electric band with Andreas Neubauer on drums.
Thu3: A Trane-Berlin-CANCELLED
Mon7: Zo-Offenbach
Sat12 to Tue14: Trip to Rome, family and UM teaching!
my TOUR has been planned:
May 10th Topos, Leverkusen
May 17th Das Bett, Frankfurt
May 26th Cave 61, Heilbronn
The line-up is: Me on bass and live electronics, Benno Sattler on Drums, Steffen Stütz on Kbds and Markus Lihocky on saxes.

In April:
Some heavvy traveling there! will be playing with Steve Lawson in the week-end,at the Sound Expo in Verona(I).
Wed25: Gospel Choir at the Köln Opera....
Thu26th: Workshop at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in London, UK! And while I am there I'll do some recording work for Michael Wolff at StarTrack Studios.

In March:
Sun25: Workshop at Cream Music School with Steve Lawson! Sorry but it had to be cancelled!
Wed28-Sat31: MusikMesse, Frankfurt. A lot of friends will show up, this year it's a big hang! This year's time was spent with Steve Lawson and Matt Garrison at the Epifani booth. Peter Murray from MarkBass, it was nice to see you! And my good friend Gary Willis showed up from Spain! we had a very nice dinner and talk (can we talk!). Also my old friend Jorgos Katsanos from Greece came up toFrankfurt, he is very active in Greece! who knows?....
Thu8-Sun11: Jazzahead Conference in Bremen. Very interesting, another dip into the business, makes you realize all the "logic" behind it! I've met a lot of nice people,very good musicians and received some positive feedback, let's see what comes.
17th-18th: finished the mix at the Performance studios with Fremble. We are all very happy and excited for the future.

In February:
I am writing some more music! finally...
Fremble's 1st CD production!! At the Performance studios in Frankfurt, with Walter Brussow (Der 2 Days of heavvy recording, nice!
Mon19: Zoo, Darmstadt with B.Sattler and Steffen Stütz, electronica liveset, lots of fun! Sort of a preview into May's tour......

In January:
Wed10-Sat13: A trip to Rome for some UM business.
Wed17-Sun21: Namm Show! A great experience, saw a lot of great musicians and met a lot of them! Fellow bassists Steve Lawson, Peter Murray, Chris Tarry, Yves Carbonne, Jerry Watts Jr., Hadrien Feraud, Dominique DiPiazza, Alain Caron, Jonas Hellborg, Markus Setzer, Doug Lunn, Leo Nobre, Bill Leigh, my compatriots Lorenzo Feliciati and Paolo Costa. Tried a lot of great equipment: Accugroove cabinets, Mark Bass amps, Jake Kot and Modulus Basses, Looperlative, etc. Saw a terrific show at LaVeeLee with Kevyn Lettau, Russel Ferrante, Jerry Watts and William Kenndey....
To be repeated!


In December:
Thursday 7th, Ben's Jam at Das Bett, Ffm. It was me, Benno Sattleron drums, Simon Höness on Kbds and Jason on Trumpet. Lots of fun!
Thursday 14th, Christmas Jazz Trio at Topos, Leverkusen. This year again on tour, with Andreas Neubauer on Drums.
Friday 15th, C. J. Trio at Alte Metzgerei in Isenach
Saturday 16th, C. J. Trio at the JazzKeller in Ffm
Saturday 23rd, the Gospel Choir in the Köln Arena, for the annual Christmas Concert, again with huge band and strings!

In November: it looks "quite" relaxed.....
Friday 3rd, the Gospel Choir plays in Dellbruck for the Jazzmeile, Köln. Nice and crowded!
8-9-10 a London trip again...more on the family side but I squeezed a meeting with Stefan Redtenbacher, we are planning a future workshop at the ACM in the UK.
23rd-28th, in Rome for teaching at the Universitá della Musica
Doing some production work for my friend Simone Coen from the distance....thanks to the internet and the post it's possible!

In October:
Mon 9th at the Università della Musica, Rome; it's the beginning of the school year and of a new phase at the school, a new system has been introduced and we have been working hard to organize everything accordingly.
Fremble dates:
Friday 13th(!?!) in Dresden, Neue Tonne
Saturday14th Club der Polnischer Versager, Berlin
Sunday 15th: Scherer8, Berlin
Monday 16th: NIL im Museum, Hildesheim,
Thursday 26th: Natalia Karmazin Trio, Kirche am Kampus, Ffm. It's coming together,a very nice band!
Sunday 29th European Bass Day, Krefeld.
Again with Jacaranda and Benno Sattler on drums,
some electronica, some old songs and new ones.
It was nice to get to see all dear friends and collegues like Steve Lawson, Lorenzo Feliciati, Stefan Redtenbacher, Charlie Moreno and meet new ones: Hadrien Feraud, Markus Setzer and Giorgio Santisi. The bass community has a lot of potential and should get stronger! I am looking forward to next year!

In September:
Saturday 10th: Natalia Karmazin in Ffm, with myself and Martin Standke on drums.
Rebuilding the studio, again! getting ready for some production work in the winter, stay tuned.....
A "jump" to Rome for a CD recording session with Maná, a world music band.
Monday 9th Open Bass Faculty Day, Università della Musica, Rome-tbc
A short week-end in London the 22nd, 23rd and 24th....

in August:
16th and 18th in Edinburgh, Scotland with Rob Hall.
A week long teaching stint in Edinburg, Scotland, at the Jazz Course UK, from the 13 to 19th of August. A very nice experience with a good group of student that I tested with my crazy arranging ideas....
Missed my dear friend Matthew Garrison in Rome, hopefully next time..sorry Matt.
Then back to Frankfurt, via Milan, visiting my friend producer Simone Coen, doing some studio work with him.....

in July
Back in Perugia for the Umbria Jazz Clinics, from the 4th to the 16th of July, it was a nice and inspiring session at the Clinics this year, many good bass players overall and Dave Clark came back as teacher. I have to practice now!
Then some relaxing and family time.....

in June:
Saturday 24th: Workshop at the Cream Music School, in Frankfurt. Unfortunately it had to be canceled due to other urgent work.... Hopefully to be scheduled soon.
Sunday 18th: Gospel Choir, outdoor Köln. We played together with US 5, a US boy band, at the Fifa WM Fan Fest!
Huge stage, screaming teenies and filming on stage, smoke included: the whole package!
Friday 16th: Lauterbach, Fremble. Our first at the drummer's hometown! great concert!
Monday 6th: "appearance" at the Universitá della Musica, in Rome, I have been away a while....

in May:
Friday 19th, Natalia Karmazin Trio, ArtPoint, Frankfurt. This ukrainian pianist is coming out and giving a shot to jazz! You'll hear more on her soon!
Thursday 18th: Electronica Jam at the Café Voltaire, Ffm. I am always amazed how crazy and crowded this little place can be! Some young musicians are showing up and playing great!
Friday 12th, Thomas Langer Trio, in Heidelberg. Me, Thomas and Daniel Messina on drums and special guest Peter Lehel. Nice band and very nice concert!.
Fremble: Friday 5th: Fulda, Desafinado, 20.30
Saturday 6th: Erfurt, Jazzclub, 21.00
Tuesday 9th: Giessen, Justus-Liebig-Universität 17.00
A nice little tour, the band develops more and more as time goes, songs and arrangements are changing on stage! And we are getting a good response, now we "only" need the CD!

In April: I was shortly in London last week for some meetings, I got to meet Stefan Redtenbacher and a few industry people. Also I had the great chance to record live with Marco Minneman in his new project, a collaboration with Michael Wolff.
The Köln Gospel choir managed to sneak in a concert, on the 22nd, at the Opera in Cologne! A great place, with tons of history and a very nice room to play in! needless to say it was sold-out....
I am also preparing the first sketch of a book I have been working on for a long time: a collection from all the past years of teaching experience, of my own practice and many tips I was given from a lot of different musicians around the world.
April 22nd, at the Köln Opera with the Gospel Choir. Very nice athmosphere and sold out too!
-a CD in production with the Fremble Trio, rehearsals have started!
A short trip to Rome and then back in Frankfurt for more work; my studio room, my band, Fremble and Spendel rehearsals, etc...

Unofficial CD "Premiere":
February 11th, Saturday, at the Alte Schmiede in Düsseldorf. With Benno Sattler on Drums, Stefano Sastro on Keyboards and Steffen Weber on Saxophones.
The concert was great and a lot of fun, beautiful club, great audience...what else? Thanks to all the people that came and enjoyed the evening.

-January 2006 has been full of things already: A lot of work! I finished the mastering of my CD and the graphics and organized the printing. It should knock at my door at the beginning of February!

Happy 2006 to all of you, to all my friends close and far. Here is the version 1.2 of my website, ready for this new year!


December tour with the Christmas Jazz Trio, in Germany, with Christoph Spendel and Kurt Bilker.
It was a lot of fun! The playing gets better every time! The dates were:
Fri 9th: Weiden - Jazz Zirkel
Sat 10th and Sun 11th: Jazzkeller Frankfurt, we packed the house again!
Thu 10th B.Homburg - Englische Kulturzentrum
Fri 16th: Leverkusen - Topos-full house!
Sun 18th: Düsseldorf - Kommödchen-full house!
Mon 19th: Magdeburg - Jazz in der kammer-full house!
Fri 23rd: Stuttgart - Intercity Jazz Lounge
It was so good some have already booked us again for next year!

December 8th Thomas Langer Trio, at the Jazzkeller in Frankfurt, with Berthold Möller on drums. It was fun and very nice to play again with Thomas.
December the 4th St.Stephan Gospel Choir, Köln Arena.
Very Nice, rhythm section and real string section, in front of 6.500 people!We have also backed the vocal group Basta, 4 very talented singers! The regular band with Christian Cluxen on Piano (arranger, ton-ingenieur by the Wdr, Deutschland radio, etc.), Antoin Fillon on drums (Harald Schmidt show), Heiner Wiberny on saxophone (Wdr big band) and a great string section from the Detmold and WDR Orchestra.

Me and BennoViersen - GermanyIt took place on November the 6th in Viersen, Germany. I performed a "special" set, leaning more on the electronica side, using my Jacaranda bass and the powerbook, running Live and Reason. The performance was scheduled for 12.45 in the roundroom, Benno Sattler played drums with me, wonderfully!. The public was blown away, I received very good feedback and lots of interest. Let's wait for the BassDay compilation to come out in 2006! I had the chance to use the new Ashdown amps and to my taste they sound really good, I felt very confortable on stage and that makes the difference.

October 6th in Offenburg, with Christoph Spendel and Benno Sattler. The electric trio was up and running again. We will be working more in the winter...

Finished mixing my CD in August with Michael Wolff, at StarTrack Studios in London! Had a great time, met a lot of great musicians and new friends! For instance Jules Maxwell and Frances, creating great music.
The CD sounds great! I'm only a mastering away......

July 4-17th Umbria Jazz Clinics in Perugia, with Oscar Stagnaro.

June 11th C.Spendel Electric Trio, Jazzkeller Frankfurt
June 26th Fremble, Open Air, Giessen

May 5th Thomas Langer Trio, Hanau Jazzkeller
May 6 & 7th Fremble, Fulda and Ulm
May 14th St.Stephan Choir, Tanzbrünnen Köln

MusikMesse 2005: Performed at Kawai all week with the Christoph Spendel Electric Trio, with Claus Hessler on Drums. Some great playing and a lot of work!

March 2005: Version 1.1 Finally online! still under construction though.