Claudio Zanghieri Group
It slowly became a dream of mine to be able to lead a group of musicians dedicated to create music on stage for that particular purpose...

Not just another group on the scene that was only showcasing each member's abilities, but actually creating, inspiring and "being the instrument of music which travels through us" (a Gary Peacock citation....)

All the years before I had the time to listen and find out what kind of players would I need to realize this project.
In the production of the first solo cd I had to draw a line and finally decide! I was lucky to have recorded with 3 very good musicians and friends. the result is what you can hear in "Envisions".
The CD will be officially released in 2008 by Jazzsick Records, in Düsseldorf.
Those close to me know that it took long to realize, but I wasn't in a hurry, I wanted to have exactly what it's on the cd, without compromises.
Cristiano Micalizzi was recorded in 2 different and beautiful recording studios in Rome (one of them, Progetto Suono, run by Toto Torquati with Gianni Cicalese as engineer, in Ciampino, has an amazing room!). The recording technicque used was appropriate for a pop recording, between 8 and 13 drum tracks were used...
Christian Lohr, very busy with his own production work, was able to use his own studio, instruments and computer, therefore he worked very confortably at his own pace and had a lot of fun! Based in Munich he was calling on the cell trying to let me hear his ideas and tryouts....Therefore you'll hear a real Hammond B3 with Leslie, a real Wurlitzer and some unique synthetizers.....The acoustic piano was recorded in Munich at the Art by Heart studio. No plug-ins or virtual instruments, I think you can hear and feel the difference!
Tony Lakatos was recorded in a small project studio (thanks Thomas!) with a "normal" mike and preamp, you hear the "sound" of the man....
Basses were done in 3 houses in many different moments, so many that sometimes I am not sure sure what bass was used were....All in all I used a Yamaha 6-JP with piezo pickup, a Yamaha BB3000, a Bossa Tropical Jungle fretless, a MusicMan StingRay, a Jacaranda Mock, a Vektor electric upright and the Motu MX4 as bass synth module. All going through either a Tech21 SansAmp Bass DI or a Mindprint Envoice preamp.
The mixing was another "troublesome" decision, because I knew what I was looking for and couldn't find it until I met, through friends, Michael Wolff, a very nice guy that happened to have a studio in London! We soon became good friends and the idea of him mixing the cd became reality; I wasn't really planning on going to London to mix, but what the heck!...why not?

Below you'll find some reviews, enjoy!
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Un disco fusion che appare subito trascinante e ben suonato, prima esperienza discografica da leader del bassista Claudio Zanghieri, affiancato da alcuni validi musicisti, Cristiano Micalizzi alla batteria, Christian Lohr all'organo Hammond e tastiere varie, Tony Lakatos ai sax. Come accennavo ascoltiamo una fusion molto dinamica come espresso dalla iniziale "Never Alone" che lancia il disco con forte energia, cui segue "Castle March" piú elegante e posata, basata su una accattivante linea melodica portata dal basso. I temi sono asciutti ed essenziali, quello che emerge é il suono compatto del gruppo che troviamo sia nei brani piú mossi che nelle ballad, molti e interessanti gli assoli a cui si alternano il piano acustico e l'organo Hammond, i sax dinamici, il basso che cerca linee liriche e cantabili mantenendo il groove piú corposo nelle strutture ritmiche, groove che é solido ma mai sopra le righe, segno di un mixaggio attento al bilanciamento tra il suono dell'insieme e la libertá espressiva dei singoli. Disco piacevole e di buona musica, ottima prova di Zanghieri che oltre a suonare diversi tipi di basso, elettrico, acustico e synth, firma, arrangia e produce tutti i brani.
Giovanni Palombo - Ottobre 2006 - Chitarre (IT)

Luigi Tessarollo: intervista su All about Jazz Italy: 10 CD preferiti
Claudio Zanghieri - Envisions (Zak Productions - 2006).
Amico bassista e artista poco celebre, stupisce nella realizzazione di questo notevole lavoro che ascolto più volte volentieri (e questo mi capita molto raramente)....

Bruce Gertz (Teacher, Berklee College of Music):
"Claudio, I totally enjoy your CD. The writing and playing is fresh and strong. It's expressive and the grooves are great, naturally. Congratulations!"

"Hey Claudio! This a long overdue email.
To your record - I have listened to your entire record quite a few times on my long journey to gigs and back and I want to congratulate you. You have a nice variety of styles and sounds/angles, fantastic players and your playing is brilliant. I'm very impressed with your sound/tone!
all the best.."
Stefan Redtenbacher (leader, Uk session bassist)

"dear Claudio, Thanks for your letter. I listened to your music and enjoyed it very much!----nice compositions and great playing. Good luck in your music!!! Thanks"
Uri Caine

"Claudio Zanghieri, seines zeichens in Deutschland wirkender Italiener und Berklee-Absolvent, legt mit "Envisions" sein instrumentales Debütalbum vor.
Dem Wahl-Frankfurter merkt man seine Liebe für elektronische beats und ausgefuchste grooves an, ebenso wie seine Affinität zu jazziger improvisation. Geschmackvoll und ohne frickelfaktor groovt und soliert Zanghieri über die erstklassig klngenden Songs, die durch den Einsatz von Synth-Bässen, verschiedenen Keyboardsounds, Hammond, Piano und Saxophon ein sehr eigenes Gewand bekommen. Und: produziert hat Claudio, der instrumente der wenig bekannten italienische Company Jacaranda spielt, diese Scheibe sogar auch selber!"
Bass Professor - Lars Lehman - April 2007
Past Gigs:

March 2002: Cave 61 an early presentation
March 2004: Jazzkeller Frankfurt, an experiment

11 February 2006: Unofficial Premiere Alte Schmeide Düsseldorf

Mai 2007 Germany Tour:
10th Topos, Leverkusen
17th Das Bett, Ffm
26th Cave61, Heilbronn