Jacaranda Mock 1: 5 string bass with high C (035-045-065-085-105)
Mock Bass
My first hand-made bass, built by Jacaranda, a luthier based in Milan.

Great guys and great instruments!
We are inseparable. Find us at trade shows or my concerts!

I met Daniele Fierro, the bass liuther of Jacaranda, at the Italian Trade show in 2000. After some talks and visits to the Milan shop, we started working on a bass, modeled after some guidelines I had in mind and some suggestions from Daniele. I am very satisfied of the result! No frills but great and clean sound with bite! Eventually the model evolved as you can see at their website. I am proud that so far the Mock has been sold to more than 60 bassists! They really serious about their work, trying to build basses that will eventually be played live and on records and not just nice furniture pieces!
As of 2005, I have added a second Bartolini pick-up, going back to a jazz bass like pick-up position, it has more variety without loosing its bite, the ramp is still there! And also I have added a on-board preamp with active/passive selection and some more boost.

ClaudioZ spacey

First of all, the man that keeps showing me many things and tricks for the bass that I didn't know (they were many!), and also the one that keeps my instruments in check: MARCO RAMAZZOTTO, from Frankfurt. An experienced bassist and bass-tech for many years, a great friend! I wish every bass player had a friend like this!

Yamaha BB3000: my first bass, first friend. Still very reliable, very good for recording.
Yamaha TRB-6P: the nicest factory-made 6-string, in my opinion, with its own sound. Cuts through live very well, fitted now with a midi pick-up.
Bossa 5-Str. Jungle Model: Nice ex-fretless, found in LA long time ago, a great and strong sound!
Ashbory Bass: Nice little strange instrument, huge and weird sounds, great!
Unknown Upright: my first contact to an acoustic, lots of volume and hard to play!
Yamaha BB-415: last addition is this reissue of the old BB-5000, a 5-string working machine!
Jacaranda El.Upright: an early prototype, it has no fixed name yet! Incredible huge sound! again a masterpiece..

A happy update in this department has been the endorsement of Markbass Amps!!!
I am using an F1 head along with 2 Traveler 102P cabinets. I have been travelling to some gigs with the train!
Very transport friendly and they sound great!
Pedalboard: crowded with many effects that get moved, changed, thrown, bought and tested all the time. I will post some sounds to give you an idea of what I get sometimes....

SIT Strings
Stay In Tune Strings: My strings of choice, I endorse them since 2000. Great guys with fantastic products!. I have tested almost all of their bass strings and settled for the RBS and the Power Flats lines. Never been so happy, the strings really stay in tune and last long!

Axon Midi Converter: Bass midi converter, with its own pick-up, fitted on my 6-string. I use it mostly for chords and textures until now. For the future....
Sadowski Preamp: Nice little thing that I use with my BB3000, turns it into an "active bass". Feels like the turbo kicks in! Great to get closer to that Marcus sound.
Computers and other stuff please check out my Zak Productions WebSite (soon online).There you'll find everything I use live or in the studio for playing, producing, writing, recording and practicing.