Taught in German, English and Italian as you prefer...
Wir werden auf Deutsch, Englisch oder italienisch reden wie ist für dich gemütlich....

After many requests, I've decided to start a series of workshops, as a sum up of all the things I have experienced, tested out, played and taught in the last years of bass playing, leading a band, being a sideman and teaching at schools or colleges.

Designed for all types of bassist and music fans that want to know more about the bass world, understanding what we do and how we do it, branching out from our bass playing philosophy towards playing in a band, contributing to the music and the energy that comes out of it, understanding the bass role and how it helps the composition, the arrangement and our friends/colleagues in the band.
Starting from your experience as bass players and using songs that you play as a practical starting point, we'll talk about what makes a bass line and how to get there, according to our personal needs.