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TODAY is BASS!: a new idea, a full day meeting where all about bass will be discussed. The plan is to listen to music, songs, players and understand what needs to be done to play a certain style or song. Bass role and its potential will be at the center of our discussion, including bass line playing, chord progressions, arrangement, line variations and improvisation, melody playing, sounds etc. etc.
Students will be asked to bring their instruments and knowledge and be ready to play, experiment and try out things!

Rock, Pop and Jazz Akademie in Giessen. Functioning as Bass Director for their 3-Year program, where I wrote the Curriculum, and also only for their final year I teach Theory/Ear Training, Ensemble and Open Stage (a mixture of all things that we do as musicians: Playing-Arranging-Composing-Recording-Producing-Music Business, etc).This Akademie started in August 2008, has moved to a great new location last year and is doing very well, each class that graduates is a huge satisfaction! We have a standing collaboration with the LACM College, in LA of course, and will be soon offering a Bachelor of Music, besides our current Diploma.

Bass Assistant
at the UMBRIA JAZZ Clinics of the Berklee College of Music.
Since 1993 I have assisted many Berklee teachers like: Bruce Gertz, Dave Clark, Bruno Raberg, Oscar Stagnaro and currently Fernando Huergo. It has been an honor and hard work!
Berklee Alumni Representative for Italy and Germany.
Since 1995 I dedicated all the available time to prospective students, giving information regarding college life in Boston and at Berklee. Being present at Umbria Jazz has given me the chance to follow the changes in the college and talk to all the teachers and college representatives.

Private Teaching: available in Rome and Frankfurt mainly, but also in other feasible locations. Based on 15 years of teaching experience, enriched by all the international exposure, using all the latest technology.
Send an email for more informations regarding prices, modalities and availability.

Private students in Frankfurt have gone now to many different Colleges: Conservatory of Rotterdam, Hochschule in Mainz and Stuttgart.

Some former students in Italy: Maurizio Mariani (now successful pop bassist with The Niro, Michele Zarrillo, Luca Barbarossa, ecc.), Pierpaolo Ranieri (also successful with Roberto Gatto's perfect Trio, Massimo Di Cataldo, Virtual Dream, Bass Trio, ecc.), Massimiliano Cignitti (Electric City), Antonio Bonansingo (Anna DAloisio).
Seminars/Workshops available on 2 main subjects:
TODAY is BASS!: the latest addition, see above.
: The evolution of the bass instrument from the 1600s until today in classical and modern music. The booklet provided, along with audio and video material showed in class, will explore the instrument's historical steps toward today's design and the major figures that helped or are helping pushing the instrument forward.
Send an email for more informations regarding prices, modalities and availability.

Bass Faculty Director at the UNIVERSITA' DELLA MUSICA in Rome. Since 2003 I was in charge of the curriculum of the most prestigious private school in Italy. I did some tutoring for the 3 year specialization course, some bass related monographies and my Bass History Master Class. In 2005 I also took the position of Director of Institutional Advancement, which means that a board existed to propose, discuss and plan all possible changes and developments inside the school.

Cream School of Music: A nice small place in Frankfurt where I taught Bass, Harmony, Ear Training and Music Production on Computer.

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