MyBand Poster The Claudio Zanghieri Band
My compositions and musical vision. The line-up changes constantly, see the news for updates.

"Envisions" it's my first CD, released by Jazzsick Records,
now available in Envisions Ministores, on CdBaby and iTunes. The emphasis is on the compositions, melodies and sounds, with some important input and ideas from all the players.
It features 3 very good friends: Tony Lakatos on saxes, Christian Lohr on keyboards, hammond and piano, and Cristiano Micalizzi on drums.

Read the story, the reviews and the comments....
here's the myspace page for the news in real time....

A whole new project that has me sitting on many chairs....
still in the development phase, it already shows signs of electronica, club sounds, lots of soundscaping and some bass too.
The band so far is me, my basses and my computer, to make things more intriguing on the stage you'll see some of my old friends at work:
Benno Sattler on drums, Markus Wessel on keys, etc....

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I have this crazy idea to do it with visual images....let's see!

Others you can find me playing with:
Christoph Spendel Electric Trio
The well-known german keyboardist (Special Efx, Michael Sagmeister, Olaf Kübler, etc.) in his trio format, is rising to be the sensation in the jazz-fusion circuit. We released, after extensive touring, a CD in 2010, "Summer Notice" on Blue Flame, with Andreas Neubauer (picture; John Hammond, GlasHaus, etc.) on drums. A second CD, "Harlem Nocturne" was released in 2012 with Kurt Bilker on Drums. Sometimes it expand to a quartet adding Tony Lakatos and Jean Paul Hochstädter (both from the HR Big Band).
We played some nice clubs (Oase Club in Siegen, Frankfurt's Jazzkeller; Stuttgart's Bix, Topos in Leverkusen and many more) and some nice open air festival like Jazz zum Dritten in Frankfurt.
C.Spendel Electric Trio
Christmas Jazz Trio: a project of Christoph Spendel. A very nice program of Christmas songs arranged for jazz trio. There's already a CD out on Blue Flame records. We have been touring since 2004. To be honest I would never have thought of playing these songs and some are really great! It's a lot of fun, we get to play for quite old audience but sometimes we hit the young people too and they like it! In all these years the response from youngsters has been amazing!
Latest Addition as of 2011:

M.C.M. released in 2010 their first CD, "Two + Two", with Philology Records.
A spontaneous collaboration between me, Marco Pacassoni (italian vibist) and Michael Vochezer (german guitarist), rounds the band up the german drummer Arno Haselsteiner.
Follow the link to audio samples!

Zapf-Zanghieri-Zapf: two brothers we met, we jammed, we had a band!
Shortly after there was a recording session and now there's a CD, soon to be released!

Gernot Dechert: a well known Tenor Sax from Frankfurt has asked me to help out.
I already played with the band, some fun and orginal soul-funk songs, the stuff you always wanted to play!

Triangle Project: a collaboration with Carlo de Petruzzellis (italian guitarist) and rotating musicians such as: Pasquale Strizzi (italian keyboardist), Marco Guidolotti on Tenor sax, Giacomo Uncini on trumpet, David Lo Cascio or Valerio Vantaggio on drums. We live so far away that's almost funny, but we played already a few times and it's fun! We might be repeating ourselves in Rome soon!!! Some stuff appeared on youtube....
To dig into my past please check the Past Projects page!