Fun! with Tony Lakatos
Here jamming with Tony Lakatos,
tenor saxophone of the Hessicher Rundfunk Big Band.
Keith Copeland
After 15 years, it's still a lot of fun!
with Jürgen Schwaab
A very dear friend, a master drummer!
Always very nice to me!
Here jamming with Jürgen Schwaab at his birthday party. Michael Ehret was on drums that night!
Umbria Jazz 2001
Big event!

In 2001 I played for the Umbria Jazz Festival, in the main square in Perugia, on the big stage, with Jim Kelly, Jim Odgren and Cristiano Micalizzi (pict. on the left).

The bass sound was huge!
UJazz 2002 with Mark White
Umbria Jazz 2002
In 2002 the translators and the teachers from the Umbria Jazz Clinics played a string of midnight concerts at the Brufani Hotel, right after the Thelonius Monk Institute Ensemble.
A beautiful setting that saw me playing with MarcoVolpe, Nicola Cordisco, Luigi Tessarollo, Dino Govoni, Mark White (pictured), Consuelo Candelaria, Daniela Schaecter and others....
Kölle Live 2004
Here is yours truly, rockin' with the St. Stephan Gospel Choir at Kölle Live in 2004. I am on the left, hiding behind the microphone, trying to sight-read...

It's great!
the big stage, a nice band, huge choir, thousands of people,
the smoke...(well maybe not...)
In 2007, the Choir played his usual Köln Opera concert!

Beautifully sold out!
It's getting to be a nice band with Christian Cluxen on keyboards and arrangements, Heiner Wieberny on saxes, Antoine Fillon on drums and myself on bass.
On this particular occasion, the young band Peilomat was on stage as guest, and their bassist, Sebastian, is really cool and good!