For anyone interested about myself, my taste or ideas, here's something for you.
They will be posted as soon as they are ready.

Web site of interest:
Sites that have attracted my attention. Besides a rotation of fellow bassists, you'll find some other stuff here regarding either music, culture or wellness!

Music of interest:
What I am currently listening for the 1st time or maybe after 10 years. Don't think you can know something for ever.

Sharing ideas :
These are some things that we might meditate on, after some important experiences in life. I take this occasion for sharing them with you.
Be aware that I have no intention to preach, these are topics that I have discussed or
noticed with collegues over the years.
-Charge/Recharge of creativity-energy
-Music before ego
-Notes and character
-Life or carrier?

The Berklee experience:
The feel, the people, the competition, friends and musicians, concert or jam session experience, bassists seen, important moments, ecc. Learning and growing within an enormous institution.

Old sayings:
Listen to your parents or grandparents and you'll find out where you really come from. Listen to the local sayings and you'll know where you are.
A collection of sayings from Italy, England and Germany.